Thread: Reading in from 1 file into 1 dynamic structure

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    Reading in from 1 file into 1 dynamic structure

    Hi everyone,

    I need the code to reading from a file into a dynamic structure like a list.

    Any help offered is much appreciated.


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    i suppose you wanna know something about reading from files. have a look at:

    puting that stuff into the struct depends on the struct. for more information be more specific.


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    Two ways to go about it.

    First is to read a record, allocate more memory, copy data to new record, repeat until EOF.

    Second is find file size (GetFileSize() or fseek() with ftell() ), allocate memory for whole file, read file and copy data until EOF. If using this method check file size by [ Total_File_Size % sizeof(STRUCT) == 0 ] to ensure good file size.
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