Thread: need help with recursive functions

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    need help with recursive functions

    Hi all .I need some one to explain what and how recursive functions work...

    Thanks lot

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    Basically, a recursive function is a function which would call itself until a certain condition is TRUE.

    unsigned long  factorial(int number)
            return (number < 2) ? 1 : number * factorial(number - 1);
    Notice that if number is not less than 2, then number is multiplied with the return value of another call to factorial().

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    And the obvious.
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    I will if you explain how the enums work around this joint, sir

    What's UP!
    RECURSION--is the ability of a function to cal itslef, either directly or indirectly.

    void count_down(int n); /*function prototype*/

    int main(void)
    count_down(10); /*recursive function call itself over and over again until it reaces 0*/
    return 0; /*program completed sucessfully*/

    void count_down(int n) /*function definition*/
    if (n) {
    printf("%d ! ", n);
    count_down(n-1); /*recursive function that counts down to 0 then prints BLAST OFF!*/
    printf("\nBLAST OFF\n");

    Hope this example helps so complie, run it to see, huh!?!?
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