Thread: how to read and write from two different programs

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    Question how to read and write from two different programs


    I have been trying to read data from a text file simultaniously as the data is being written to the text file. I am trying to use two C programs to accomplish this.

    I set one program to

    out = fopen("press.out","w+");

    and in the other

    out = fopen("press.out", "r");

    but it only reads the data when I close the first program. Is there any way to get around this?


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    You'll probably need to fflush() the output.....
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    i think u can't do read and write at a time on same file......
    u r distrubing file pointers by doing that........ use file locking, if u r not willing to do the both read and write at a it one by one....... but before that check the file is bussy or nat... if it is bussy then wait..while file_status != closed;
    but this is for read or write at a time and not for both at a time.

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    1.) Open the file in "a+" mode instead of "w+" mode.
    2.) As Hammer said, use fflush() on the write end.

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