Thread: need help on struct *pointer

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    Question need help on struct *pointer

    I am a C newbie, and I really don't know what struct ** mean?
    I have read many books but no books explain detail and clearly.
    can anyone please explain what it mean?
    for example:

    struct student
    int ID;
    float GPA;

    struct student **stu; /*is this mean an array of struct or it mean
    a pointer to struct*/
    also what does it different between struct * stu and struct**stu?

    and when passing struct ** to a function what does it mean?
    for example:
    void searchStudent(int id, struct student **stud)
    /*how to use struct student**stud here
    does it imply an array of struct student? or a link list???
    Thank you very much for your help

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    Start with this link

    It's a pretty good explanation

    If you have
    struct student
    int ID;
    float GPA;
    struct student fred;

    And you do
    fred.ID = 1;

    struct student *ptr_to_fred = &fred;

    And you do
    ptr_to_fred->ID = 1;

    struct student **ptr_to_ptr_to_fred = &ptr_to_fred;

    And you do
    (*ptr_to_ptr_to_fred)->ID = 1;

    > void searchStudent(int id, struct student **stud)
    I imagine in this example, that you would want to update stud with the pointer to the student you found

    Say you had an array
    struct student students[10];

    Then somewhere in this function, when you had found the student you were looking for, you would do this
    *stud = &students[i];

    In the calling function, you would have something like this
    struct student *found_stud;
    searchStudent( 1, &found_stud );
    printf( "Found = %d\n", found_stud->ID );

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    struct**, char**, int**, float**

    can be used to create a dynamic array of either

    struct*, char*, int*, float*

    struct **array;           //can be resized dynamically 
    struct *array[10];      //cannot be resized
    By resizing the char**, you can add more and more elements.

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