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    struct hostent FAR *gethostbyname(const char FAR *name);

    hihi, I am new to winsock programming.
    what does FAR means ?

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    'far' means 'please remove me, I'm obsolete', or 'if I'm not obsolete, then you need a new compiler, because your compiler is obsolete'.

    'far' is for far pointers. Basicly it's so you can make nice little memory allocations and the like with malloc and what not to little blocks of memory far far away.

    In other words: With the advent of 32bit compilers, this is obsolete. It is used on 16bit compilers to address more memory.

    Something like that. That's a decent explanation of it. Otherwise you're limited to only 64K of memory.

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    #define FAR /* remove redundant keyword */

    Is a nice easy way of getting rid of it if you don't need it

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