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    gets debug

    Well I guess I'm too isolated from the real world to know about the
    long known problems with "gets".

    I debugged this on my PC not on Unix.

    I loaded a real old version of TC to get the oldest compiler I could
    and made a real simple test program using "gets". Sure enough it
    caused problems if I entered too many characters. "Strlen" always
    reported the string length as 127 no matter how I defined the string
    array( char input[25] or char input[128] or char input[1024]. The
    string length was always 127 even if I held a key down for 2 minutes,
    must be a keyboard buffer limit.

    I got an illegal instruction message a couple of times and the TC blew
    up a couple of times.

    I think the reason I've never encountered this before is that we don't
    sell of otherwise distribute our software and it's always used in a
    very controlled environment.

    I'll go back to the Kernighan & Rithcie book to find a safer command.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help.

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    That's where fgets() plays it's role. It reads only maximum number of characters specified to be read, and not more, thus avoiding buffer overflow.

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