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    Question Help Me ! Print a histogram From a file

    I have facing some problems when I try to print a Histogram .
    I need to wirte a program to print a histogram from pixel value which read from a file " tm.img " . Besides the the program need to show the the average , maksimum and mimimun value . Can somebody teach me ? Thank you for your help .

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    You could save the values to an Excel spreadsheet using the .csv file type and commas ',' as cell divisions.

    Just write a text file called myname.csv and fill with the values seperated by a comma.

    Then use Excel to draw and print the histogram.
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    Red face Dear Novacain

    tahnk for your advise , but I'm not allowed using Excel to printout the histogram . I need to print the histogram and count the average , makismum and minimum pixel value by C programming . It is my assigament :<

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    >It is my assigament
    This might help

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    Red face Dear All , Lack of Time

    Who can help me write the program............... ?
    Help me............ I need to submit the program tomorrow .......
    And plus I'm poor in my programming ................
    Where my saviour ? Hurry up.........................

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    Unhappy Hurry Up !

    The time is running out ............ Who can help me ?
    Still try to write the program , but can't run .Hurry up !

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    Unhappy :<

    No more time...........
    Please ...........

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    You'll get nowhere like that.

    For a start, we don't do homework for people. I don't even do any for myself and haven't for years.

    This is a place where people offer their advice and guide people with their coding. But, help starts at home, you must do some work yourself before anyone will help you.

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    Lightbulb My spirit support

    Try your Best

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    >The time is running out ............ Who can help me ?
    We only help those who help themselves.

    >Still try to write the program , but can't run .
    Well, post your code and the problem you're having. We're not mind readers.

    >Hurry up !
    An emergency on your part does not constitute a crisis on mine. If you want help then ask for it intelligently, perhaps by first reading the smart questions link in my signature.

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