Thread: 200 digit integer... how?

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    I was thinking, what would be wrong with making the 200 digit number 200-1 digit numbers and then applying math to those digits... what math did you want to do anyhow? Now besides the problems that I am gonna get hoarded(sp?) with... how long would it take for those 200 ints to get multiplied by a 4 digit number? Assuming that you just have to multiply and not add. That would be 800 multiplyings... wouldnt it?
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    And on the same page is a link to the factorial of 200: 200 > 155.

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    Wow - 4 year bump - that must be a new record!
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    This thread has gone back ... to the future!

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    ahahaha, and I just read through the whole thread until I read Salem's post and looked at the dates.
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    Wow...this thread has survived two bumps and still hasn't been locked down. What's next...void main?
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