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    I'm learning C with Absolue Beginner's Guide to C by Greg Perry, now should I also get a book just for linux programming? And is there a difference>?


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    Most of the books in market on C teach you ANSI C alone, which means, they work every where. Apart from the specs proposed by this standard, there are a number of additional functions local to each OS, Linux just being one of them contributing it's own set of functions which might not be applicable on other platforms. If you wish to program on a specific OS, it's always better to learn to program more on that specific OS, because it has it's own implementation of the language, specific to itself. Thus, things which work on Linux need not work on other OS's, and it's recommendable to buy a book on "Programming in Linux".

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    programming linux


    i have spent the last year learning and using c for the purpose of coding on the linux kernel. during this process, i have learned the following:

    1) linux is posix compliant. this means that any unix book that describes posix compliant system calls will work.

    2) man <system call>. your *nix system has everything in its documentation. just remember that you'll want man 2 for the system calls and man 3 for the library calls ( which usually have the same name, so be careful ).


    Advanced Unix Programming by Warren Gay ( SAMS Publishing ) ( AUP )

    Linux Application Development by Michael Johnson and Erik Troan. ( LAD )

    Understanding the Linux Kernel by Daniel Bovet and Marco Cesati ( O'Reilly ) ( ULK )

    check out also.

    if you're going to do lots of system programming, i have noticed that AUP and LAD have slightly different focuses. i have both and use them simultaneously. generally, LAD provides good background, but spotty examples. AUP has good examples and CAN be light on the detail.

    ULK is very useful because after you read the sections in LAD and AUP, then you go to the source. you will find that your understanding improves by alot.

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