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    Gets problem I think

    How can I make that the do-while keeps repeating while the user hasnt entered anything?? I mean, if when asked to enter your name you just press ENTER then the do-while repeats... I have this code but it doesnt work!!

    Can you help me?

    void pidenombre(void)
        printf("Your name?");
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    You should be trying to capture a new line not a null terminator. so use '\n' instead of '\0'.

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    Is wrong. You are trying to compare strings but instead are comparing their addresses. Try this instead:
    }while(nombre[0]=='\0'); /*   Check the single quote '   */
    >You should be trying to capture a new line not a null terminator. so use '\n' instead of '\0'.
    gets() breaks when it encounters a '\n', which is not returned in the string, so, checking for '\n' is not going to help you
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    You all have overlooked the most obvious flaw: they're actually using gets! Never use gets. Use fgets instead. It's safer.

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