Thread: interfacing sound card

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    Thumbs down interfacing sound card

    hello guys I wish to interfqace the sound card to write a cool Speech recognition program in c

    Please can any 1 help?

    I w'll be great ful

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    What are you asking for exactly? Links? Source?

    I would suggest using an API for doing your sound IO cuz low level programming is fairly time consuming. I'd suggest DirectSound. You could use OpenAL, although it isn't exactly the best.

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    Re: interfacing sound card

    >Please can any 1 help?
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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    What OS are you using? If you are using Windows, then you could use the functions of the Win32 API for MultiMedia to interface with the soundcard. It makes it very simple, just reading and writing waves from and to the soundcard.

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