Thread: Help required from generous & patient souls!

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    Help required from generous & patient souls!

    Hello all.

    I have coded this program to help calculate the cost of running a car once all individual costs are input. Having found the total it then works out the cost per KM.

    This is the program as it stands...

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <float.h>

    int option;
    float litre_rate;
    float fuel_rate;

    float kilo;
    float pet_kilo;
    float total;

    void menu();
    void exit();
    void program();

    void program()

    printf("\nPlease input the price of a litre of petrol in pounds: ");
    printf("\n %f",litre_rate);

    printf("\nPlease input the number of litres of fuel used per kilometre: ");
    printf("\n %f",fuel_rate);

    printf("\nPlease input the number of kilometres a week you travel: ");
    printf("\n %f",kilo);


    if (total<0)
    printf("\nYou appear to have made an error in your calculation as the result returned is less than 0.");
    printf("\nTotal =");

    printf("\nIt will cost you: ");
    printf(" pounds a week.");


    void menu()
    printf("----------Car cost calculation program---------\n");
    printf("\nPlease select an option:");
    printf("\n1 - Run program");
    printf("\n2 - Exit");

    if (option<2)

    if (option>1)


    void exit()


    int main(void)

    The trick is that I need to modify it so that it shows the difference in cost per KM by increasing or decreasing the cost of the fuel by a certain percentage.

    I know this is a tall order but can anyone assist in modifying it? I normally wouldnt ask...but I think my brains have gone to sleep :P

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    For a start I would not let the user input invalid info, ie -ve Km or price. Stop them at that point and make them enter a valid value.

    Input=0;//prime loop
    //print question (including valid range ie $0.01 -> ????)
    //get input

    to print out the differing values. Ask the user for a percentage when asking for the other input. Write the three (low, normal and high) instead of just the normal one. (I would use an array of a structure for the values)

    Percent_Diff=Input_Percent / 100;//if the user is asked for a number between 1 and 100.

    pet_kilo_low=(litre_rate * (1 - Percent_Diff) ) * fuel_rate;
    pet_kilo_norm=litre_rate * fuel_rate;
    pet_kilo_high=(litre_rate * (1 + Percent_Diff) ) * fuel_rate;
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