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    Unhappy Computeach-"isam.h" problems


    I'm having trouble with the isam.h header file supplied for the CIL C&G 424 project. Basically it appears not to work! The Part Number is passed to it OK, it appears to access the Index file OK, but can't find the relevant record from the Stckmast.dat. No errors are reported by isam and my code generates the relevant 'part not found' message. I've heard a rumour from a fellow student that isam.h is 'tricky', but a pre-written file supplied to us for a specific purpose should just work shouldn't it?

    I think the problem possibly lies within the bsearch() function, but can't be sure at the moment, any hints, clues or half-baked ideas are welcome.


    Foffo Spearjig

    PS I've tried passing part num to search_file() as a 7-char string and as a pointer to the 7-char string. Neither works.
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    Do you mean part num is 6 chars + null?

    The function returns a pointer to a structure which is defined on the last page of your program spec.
    Have you used the same structure and a pointer to it?

    I'm on the same course but I've just finished Prog 1 and have still to submit it.


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    If you have the "isam.h" file and the customer and stock master files and want to send me them, I'll try and get it to work and send you the results.


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