Thread: starting all over again...

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    starting all over again...

    Hi there!

    I want to start coding in C again. Now, after I learned some PHP
    and MySQL, I found out, that PHP is not really what I want... So I
    am going to restart learning C and after that continue with C++.

    My only question is : Which compiler should i use ?

    OS: Windows 2k Professional

    I already used DJGPP, Dev-C++ 4 and MS Visual C++ 5.0

    Can someone tell me which one is the best at the moment?

    Do I need some .NET products or is DJGPP or Dev-C++ 5 enough?
    What exactly is the Borland compiler? Can someone tell me the
    differences between all this compilers? I am not sure which one
    is best for me...

    //please excuse my english\\

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    Well, all are good. They all do the job. Differences are that DJGPP can't compile Windows programs, the others are all native Windows compilers. Borland has a bit of a weird IDE, but then again, the last Borland product I tried is several years old. From what I know, Microsoft Visual C is a reliable and advanced coding package. I myself work with DevC++, mostly because it's completely free. It's rather buggy though, it's only a freeware project, and still under construction. I use an older version, because they recently recoded the whole thing, and the new DevCpp is still in Beta stages.
    I think that if you have money to spend, you should get Visual C, and otherwise you can download DevC++, or DJGPP if you don't like Windows. (There might be a windows version of DJGPP out, I'm not sure.)
    Typing stuff in Code::Blocks 8.02, compiling stuff with MinGW 3.4.5.

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    Thanks... I think I will use Dev-C++ 4 for now. I just sold my old
    VC++ 5.0 Learning Edition on ebay *sigh* ... Maybe I look out
    for some VC++ 6.0 edition. I already tried the Dev-C++ 5.0 beta,
    but I feel better with using the 4th relase.
    DJGPP worked fine... but I am not sure if Dev-C++ 4 will do also
    fine... I had several problems with commands like "clrscr();"...

    There is also something about the Borland Compiler... Is it also
    possible to do this without this Borland thing?
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
      textcolor(2); //color 2 is blue; 1...16
    cprintf("I am blue");
    Is Dev-C++ 4 the answer or is MS VC++ 6.0 the right side

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    can really nobody help me with my problem ?

    i want to change to c++ after i learned c...
    have a look at the messages above please, thanks

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    Relax, c++ is backward compatible with good ol' c. Actually, most people I know who learned c first really prefer c over c++.

    As for compilers, mingw is really the best free compiler for windows. Dev-C++ uses mingw. If you want to purchase a compiler Visual C++ is an excellent IDE. From your list of compilers there I assume you want to go for a freebie. So stick with Dev-C++.

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    thank you... maybe i'll purchase a student license of Microsofts
    Visual C++ . is version 6.0 good enough? i am a little bit affraid
    of the .NET version, because of c# and also if the visual studio

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