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    Unhappy Structures, pointers and AVL trees


    I've a structure which consists of two char parts and a pointer.
    struct ex_data
    char part1[13];
    char part2[2];
    } exdata, *exdata_prt;

    The pointer is then being passed into an avl tree. I've written a function to "surf" the tree printing out details of the two parts. But I cannot get it to work, I need accessing the avl tree and return the contents of the of the structure. Can anyone help with this problem?

    Many thanks.
    Mark Shatford.

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    In your structure, you need to have pointers to the childs.

    typedef struct ex_data exdata;
    typedef struct ex_data *exdata_ptr;
    struct ex_data
        char part1 [13];
        char part2 [2];
        exdata_ptr left_child;
        exdata_ptr right_child;
    Traversing can be done as follows:

    /* assume tree_ptr points at some node */
    /* now let tree_ptr point to a child */
    if (next_child == LEFT_CHILD)
        tree_ptr = tree_ptr->left_child;
        tree_ptr = tree_ptr->right_child;

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