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    Exclamation read in from 2 files

    I cannot create nice code for reading in from 2 files into 2 structures.One file is having master records,another has transaction records(several transactions for each record in master).I can only move to another record in master when I read all records in transactions for the first record.
    I'll appreciate anybody's help.


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    Apparently you can't create any code, because I don't see your attempt any place...

    One more time people: This is not a "do everything for me" forum. This is a "here's what i'm done, here's what i'm having problems with, here's what i need, can you please help" forum.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    struct master
       //data types
    struct tranaction
      //data types
    int main()
      FILE *fptr_a;
      FILE *fptr_b;
      int status;
      fptr_a = fopen("master","r");
      if(fptr_a == NULL) exit(1);
      fptr_b = fopen("transaction","r");
      if(fptr_b == NULL) exit(1);
      //read records
      //There are different methods for reading records
      //The easiest is using fscanf, however it is not the best
      return 0;

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