Thread: coding done. Two minor bugs. where did I go wrong?

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    coding done. Two minor bugs. where did I go wrong?

    I got the program in place , but only two errors preventing me from compiling it..

    line 63:
    left operand must be modifiable lvalue: op "="
    line 66:
    left operand must be modifiable lvalue: op "="
    cc: acomp failed for ar2.c

    Where did I go wrong? Please see attached
    Please help...Thank you very much!!!!

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    char* temp[] = {NULL};
    if ( temp != NULL )
    You need to use a specific array index. Personally, 'char *temp[] = { NULL };' is a BadThing(TM), but that's just me.

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    Mmm - code looks remarkably like my answer here

    And you can't even copy that correctly.

    For a start, the dictionary is
    char **dictionary = NULL;
    char *dictionary[];

    And you've totally messed up the sizes in the realloc call - you're trying to allocate more pointers, not more chars.

    It seems you're using a C++ compiler to compile this C code - how else would you explain all the unnecessary casts.

    add_word calls dup_string TWICE

    int compare_fn ( const void *a, const void *b );
    You've got a prototype, and you call it, but there's no code....

    Personally, I'd rip out most of the code and start with a simple stub (say my example), then add ONE function at a time, and make damn sure it compiles and runs OK before adding more code.

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