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    command line arguments

    ok this deal with command line arguments is a bit weird and hard to understand.

    basically I got the following code that isn't working, it's giving a
    Segmentation Fault and I don't know why

      /* prints command line in reverse order */
      #include <stdio.h>
        main(int argc, char *argv[])
          int i;
         for( i=argc ; i > 0; i-- )
             printf("%s\n", argv[i]);
          return i;
    wouldn't i=argc in loop (argc -which is the total # of arguments on command line)? then decrement to 0???

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    argc is the size of the array -- like all arrays, the last element is argc - 1.

    Change to i = argc -1 and it will work.

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    Thumbs up WORKS LIKE A CHARM !!

    Thanks V. that worked beautifully.

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