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    text editor

    im looking for a text editor that will say the number of lines. for example i compile a program and it says parse error on line 339. well its kinda a pain in the ass when i have to count each line until i get to 339. i know theres gotta be an easier way to do this.

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    Personally, I use Ultra Edit, but there's a few IDE type editors about.

    In Ultra Edit, the output from the compiler is trapped and displayed in a seperate window pane, you then double click an error line, and the main window jumps to that file/line (even loads the file if necessary).
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    TextPad is the boy!!

    Best editor I know....

    Binary Dumps, File Compare, Dealing with HUGE files (like database dumps), quick HTML Creation, Macro command writer, syntax highligting, spell checker, external command settings (Set it to compile/assemble/link/run...whatever with 1 menu command)....and loads of stuff I havent even used yet......

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    i thought you mentioned in another post that you were using linux. If so "vi" or "emacs" are both considered to be pretty good for text editing. i don't use emacs, so i can only vouch for vi. It will not only show the line numbers, it will take you to them. It will also do a million other things that are very useful to coders. The learning curve is steep but short, and there are a lot of tutorials on the net.
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    PFE (Programmer's File Editor) or ConTEXT are both free editors, which support a lot of languages and you can attach compilers to them. They can display line-numbers if you configure them to do so. So if your compiler gives errors/warnings at line N, then you can easily find line N.

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    If you are using *nix or its clones, "vi" might be editor you need. On the other hand, if you are using DOS/Win you can use Borland's IDE.

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