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    Hey i need help:
    im trying to
    build a phone book
    but i dont know how to right a variable to a txt file
    if you can tell me how e-mail me at
    type the subject as
    (var help)
    thank you
    if you can help!

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    fprintf , fputc, fwrite, fputs and a whole lot of other f-ing functions should help you.

    No I won't email. No I won't respond to personal messages here.

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    If you had done enough research for us to feel that you are truly serious about this program then you would have known that Cprogramming recently had a contest where the goal was to make a phonebook. You would have found that one of the entries was very good and studied the code and then decided that this question was unnecessary.

    Since this post is here for me to reply to, none of that happened, so there's no need to email you with further information since you aren't interested enough to go out and get it yourself.

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