Thread: multidimentional array of strings ???

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    Question multidimentional array of strings ???

    hello. can anyone help in declaring and allocating mem for a dynamic 2-dimensional array of strings?

    what i try to do is the following: i'm reading a file that comntains records etc and want to make an array such as:

    product code |produc name |
    __(char *)______|___(char *)_____|

    the first column must contain the product code and the second must have the corresponding product name.

    both product codes and product names are strings (char *) and should be allocated dynamically. so it must do the whole array.

    i got a bit of a problem visualising arrays that got more than 3 dimensions (like in this case). with three dimensions i think of it as axes x,y,z. but with more i cant see how it works.

    any ideas?

    thanx a lot

    any ideas?

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    Well the way to keep those two things associated is to use a structure, not a 2D array where the minor dimension is a small constant (ie 2).

    As well as being more readable, its also far more extendable.

    Here's the general idea of the bits you need - if you've got the file reading bit all figured out, shouldn't be too difficult.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    typedef struct {
        char *code;
        char *name;
    } product_st;
    // you may have strdup in your library
    char *string_dup ( char *name ) {
        char *res = malloc( strlen(name) + 1 );
        strcpy( res, name );
        return res;
    int main ( ) {
        char in_code[100], in_name[100];    // input strings
        int num_products = 0;               // number so far
        int max_products = 100;             // initial guess
        product_st *products = malloc( max_products * sizeof(product_st) );
        // read the file to get string
        // this goes inside your loop.
            products[num_products].code = string_dup( in_code );
            products[num_products].name = string_dup( in_name );
            if ( num_products == max_products ) {
                // read about realloc
        // end loop
        return 0;
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    Hi Salem. You'r right, that seems a much better way to do i did it your way.

    Thanx for the help...

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