Thread: Designing assembler???

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    Question Designing assembler???

    I was wondering if i could design an 8086 assembler in C. Can i have any ideas on how to go about it? Any suggestion would be helpful.

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    Of course you can. There's nothing magical about an assembler. All an assembler is is a "compiler" that takes human understandable mnemonics (opcodes) and translates them into raw binary.

    The main points about an assembler are:

    1) It can have a text interface, a GUI is nice but not at all necessary.
    2) It needs to be able to build a symbol table and a have a linker to resolve references.
    3) You need to know the specific format of how programs are built, and understand how to build those pieces (like jump tables, stubs, etc.)

    I would _strongly_ recommend you obtain a free assembler for any processor, and play with it, so that you can get a feel for what one does, and what programmers need assemblers to offer.

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    Thanx for the help guys. Can i have more examples of free assemblers? Where can i find the information? Thank you once again.

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    Here are some links of assemblers with source :

    in asm

    in Qbasic

    in C

    I am coding one in c( just for fun)
    What I can say is that you have first to understand opcodes R/M bytes et SIB bytes. Get "pentium4-v2.pdf" at Intel site

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    You could also take a look at:

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