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    equations for a program

    I know this is a programming site but I need to put two simultaneous equations
    in to a program so my problem is really math,
    My equations are y - 3x + 3 = 0 and y+2x - 3 = 0.

    I need to solve them I know you need to eliminate
    one of the variables first so I've tried to eliminate y by subtraction with wrong
    results, I can't remember if I need to write the equations again in a different format,
    Could someone please solve my equations and remind me of the method involved.

    Thanks for all the help (leaner wanting to be a master).

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    I'm not quite sure, what you want however, try isolating the variable that you want to solve for. Is it y or x? Isolate either on one side of the equation.

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    I would be happy to solve any x or y I just need to be
    shown the method for solving both please, I tried isolating
    both seperately but with wrong results I can do it graphically
    but not algebraicly please please please show me the steps
    to obtain both solutions.

    BIG thanks.

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    subtract one equation frmo the other, you already have the in the right form.
            - y-2x+3=0
                -5x+6=0 => x = 6/5
    now substitute x into either equation and solve for y.
             y = 3/5
    There is probably more than one solution.

    ps. when you wright the code for this, i would like to see it.
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    Multiply y - 3x +3 = 0 by -1 giving you -y +3x -3 = 0. Move the integer over to the other side giving you -y +3x = 3. Do the same for the other equation giving you y +2x = 3. Add the two equation together (y and -y cancell each other) giving you 5x = 6, therefore x = 6/5 = 1.2

    Substitute this x value back into one of the original equations -

    y -3(1.2) +3 =0

    This gives you y -3.6 + 3 = 0

    y -0.6 = 0 , therefore y = 0.6



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