Thread: Bad Parameter ???

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    Bad Parameter ???

    Okay so i'm reading petzold's book trying to get this program to compile, this is the second program of his that has done this to me, it gives me the following errors

    \\sndc1\users\jwallace\progra~1\api\devcaps1.c:5: warning: invalid character in macro parameter name

    \\sndc1\users\jwallace\progra~1\api\devcaps1.c:5: badly punctuated parameter list in `#define'

    which all point to this
    #define NUMLINES((int)(sizeof devcaps / sizeof devcaps[0]))
    what is wrong with it???? it is exactly like it is in the book. if it matters i am using dev-cpp and compiled it as a c source
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    I answered this in Windows programming.

    You evil cross poster you!

    You'll sentenced to the mods' version of hell where all the questions are 'how do I clear the screen'.
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    well technically it wasn't a cross post. the other one began by talking about something else and then someone asked me if i was having a seperate problem . please have mercy upon my soul
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