Thread: combine C with other languages?

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    combine C with other languages?

    I am pretty familiar with C, and would like to be able to produce some nicer gui's for my programs. I have worked on a little C++ using the MFC, but would rather not use that to achieve a prettier interface.

    Is it possible to do a front end in Java, and the backend in C. And if so, does anyone have any suggestions on material explaining the process of connecting the two. Also, if I were able to use Java instead of the MFC, would it make the program more platform independent?

    I know that's a lot of questions, thanks for any help/advice.

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    This might help.

    It will probably be more portable, though still likely a big hassle. You can get portable GUI toolkits that run in C++ (and calling C code from C++ is much eaiser than it is calling C from Java), though, and that would probably be the easiest way to go about it.
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