Thread: how do i read this data from a file instead of this array

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    how do i read this data from a file instead of this array

    I want to read this data from a file and perform the same task that it is performing right now. I just want to know how i can do it from a file. Here is the code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define NUM_STU 5
    	typedef struct
    	 char name[26];
    	 int  midterm[3];
    	 int  final;
    	} STUDENT;
    int main (void)
    	STUDENT *pStuPtr;
    	STUDENT stuAry[NUM_STU] =
    		{"Charles, George",{85, 94, 79}, 93},
    		{"Adams, Karin",   {75, 91, 89}, 89},
    		{"Nguyen, Tuan",   {87, 88, 89}, 90},
    		{"Oh, Bill",       {78, 96, 88}, 91},
    		{"Chavez, Maria",  {83, 79, 93}, 91},
    	printf("Unsorted data:\n");
    	for (pStuPtr = stuAry;
    	     pStuPtr < stuAry + NUM_STU;
    		printf("%-26s %4d %4d %4d %4d\n",
    return 0;
    thanx for any advice.

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    Depends on what way you wrote the data into the file, which is to be read. If you wrote it with fwrite() then use fread() to read it. If you wrote it with fprintf() then use fscanf() to read it.

    fread(stuAry, sizeof(stuAry), 1, fp);
    fscanf(fp, "%s %d %d %d %d", ...

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