Thread: Using fscanf for reading numerical data from text file

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    Question Using fscanf for reading numerical data from text file

    Please, could someone give me a hint?

    I have to read numerical data from a text file. The numbers to be read from file have at most 8 algarisms. I tried to read the data using fscanf, but it doesn't work properly. Here an example of the numerical data which can be found in the file:

    1234567812345678 1234567 123456 12345

    That means, when the numbers have 8 algarisms, there are no spaces between then, but if they have less algarisms, there are some spaces.

    If I write : fscanf(%8d,....etc), only the first two numbers are read correctly (12345678) but it fails for the following entries. The third entry is read as 12345671, the fourth as 23456123 and the fifth as 45

    What should I do do read the numbers correctly, when spaces exist?

    Or can't I use fscanf in this case?

    It is possible to use another function, for example fread? Or fread works only with binary files?

    Thanks for any help!!!


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    fscanf should work. I am not to experienced in using it though. I would try using fgets. You could capture the whole line using fgets and then parse the line and take the numbers. For example strncpy() the first 8 to another string, add a null terminator and then using atoi() to turn the string into an int.

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    going along with sean, read it in using fgets(), then break up the numbers using strtok(), then use atoi() to turn them into numbers

    strtok is the only one of those you may have a challenge with, just use the MSDN and mess with it till it works

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