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    Free C compiler?

    Well i had begun teaching myself C++...but then a good friend(who has been programming for a few years) suggested i learn C i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good(free ;P)compiler for C...well i at least assume C uses a compiler ;P(didnt talk to good friend for very long ;P)


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    yeah, there's a free one that works for both C, C++ and a few other languages as well. Go to for the free djgpp compiler, which lets you download just about everything you could need, and probably more. It will give you full instructions for what to download and how to install the compiler. I've been using it for a few months now and it has worked great for me.

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    ah thanks a bunch dude~

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    Arrow RE: C-C++ Compiler
    This is a IDE compiler,free-software under GPL license
    with graphical interface

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    no problem, that's what we're here for

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    Join the Borland community, then try TurboC1.01 in the museum compilers, it's DOS based but it's an all in compiler that creates exec's and you can trace your code for mistakes.
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