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    Does anyone know a good place to find examples and an explanation to learn pointers? I have looked through several posts, books, and online and can't find a good beginner's explanation with examples. All I know about pointers is
    for example:

    int number;
    int *p;
    p = &number;

    I don't know how with characters though because with characters you have to give it storage like char this[15];

    Can anyone offer something that might help, whether it be your example & explanation, a book, or somewhere online..any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Use this sites tutorials. They're usualy pretty good. Bascially, a pointer is just an address. You know that, but here's why. If you need to pass a whole array to a function, it's hard. So you pass the pointer, initialized to the first element. Then to get the next part, you just use pointername++, to increment it to the next spot in memory. It's a broad subject with dereferincing and all, so try and ask specific questions.

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    There is a fellow named Marshal Brain that has a site called How Stuff Works. It has a section on C, which includes discussions of pointers. I found it to be good and you can find it at:

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    Thanks a lot everybody. It's a lot of help :-)

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