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    program problem

    Hi all
    Im having a problem with writing a file.
    In 504571p3 the file 504571NF is output for use in 504571p4,
    But when I run 504571p4 with the file the program halts.
    If p4 is run with custmast.dat then I get the desired results.
    What is wrong with the way Im writing 504571NF. As this is not the same as custmast.dat
    The programs and relative files needed are attached.
    any help much appreciated

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    Maybe giving ONLY the relevant code-bit would be better ? Most people don't have time to actually download you whole stuff, and check out every possible cause of error.

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    That's right Zeeshan. Also, Our company has a firewall here, so no downloads allowed here. Probably, more people have more such problems, so it's better you paste the code.

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    Just a note on getting help:

    1) Don't post links, most of us will just pass the question by if we have to do more than copy/paste code into our compilers and compile it.

    2) Break your code down to the bare minimum so that the problem can be found more easily. We don't like sifting through 5000 lines of nonsense just to find one spot where you dereference a null pointer. More often than not, this breaking down of the code will reveal the problem to you and you don't even have to ask your question.

    3) If the problem is a run-time error or anything to do with occurances when the program is running, and the code you post doesn't compile, don't expect many responses. I personally will fly through the threads quickly, marking each one for further viewing and threads with code that doesn't compile or uses header files that weren't posted as well is high on my list of things to be ignored. If the problem is a compile error or warning then this isn't a problem.

    4) Please, for your own sake, research your question thoroughly before posting it to us. We don't hesitate to flame you a little bit for asking a question that is a) Answered in the FAQ, b) Was already answered recently, c) Can be found easily with a web search, d) Can be found in any book, and most importantly e) Is completely off topic for the forum the question is posted in (ie. asking a C++ question in the C forum).

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Thx for the tips prelude.

    In breaking down to paste I have I think stumbled across the possible cause of the problem.

    The program now runs as should and writes the file in the correct format.

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