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    CGI ect..

    Ok is cgi just me not compiling it and using like perl?
    and what is PHP?

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    Better post your question on the General Board...

    You'll get more attention there..

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    CGI is just the name of the gateway between your program/script and the webserver. The webserver calls your program (weither it is a compiled C application or a perl script or something else doesn't matter) and sends the result back to the browser (in text).
    PHP is something similar but not using the CGI interface. It's directly built for dynamic webpages and is called by the webserver whenever a *.php file is requested (this can be configured for the webserver) while CGI applications can be everything that is executable and in a special directory (usually /cgi-bin).
    C is one of the worst choices when it comes to CGI applications because of it's lack of easy string manipulation and CGI is all about string manipulation (everything you do in a HTML browser is just made from strings). Speed and lowlevel abilities are not critical for 99% of all internet applications.

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