Thread: reading a wav header in C

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    reading a wav header in C

    I've been looking all over the net for this one, and so far have come up with a solution for every language BUT C. What I need is a function that will read the header of a wav file so I can extract the sample speed of the wav file so it doesn't sound like either a chipmunk chorus or the voice of satan is eminating from my speakers.

    This program is for Linux, using OSS drivers, if that helps. Also, please note that while I am looking for a way to do this in C, I'll take a way to do it in C++ too, so if you know of one, please send it on.



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    If you have one for assembly (I'm taking you literally on that EVERY language statement) you could just put it between ASM{...] tags. You could also visit this for the file format. Since this is Linux specific, you might also want to post this in the Linux forum, although you might get some snotty messages about cross posting.

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    Go to and look for the wav header definition.


    struct WAVheader
    ..put the info in here

    }header; the file in binary, read-only mode

    int handle=read(filename,header,sizeof(WAVheader));

    You can also use other file i/o functions to do this so use the one you are most comfortable with.

    Then extract the information you are looking for from the header structure.

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