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    How do you set the stack input amount? like for example, I only want the stack to hold 10 data and no more. Is therre a way to do this?

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    It depends upon how you're implementing the stacks.

    You could be using linked-lists, arrays...or even some ready-made stack system provided by your compiler...

    plz mention these details, so you can get a reasonable answer.

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    Its using a singly linked list.

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    example please

    does anybody has an example for linked list?

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    Store your stack in something like

    typedef struct Node {
    int data;
    struct Node* next;
    } Node;

    typedef struct Stack {
    Node* header;
    int n;
    } Stack;

    When you create a stack set n to 0 and then
    Everytime you insert increment n and compare n to 10.

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