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    Unhappy C Compiler

    Hi everybody:

    I am using a C Compiler called Miracle C and I believe, this comiler
    was used in 1980's and it is DOS based Compiler. Now some of you suggested that I should download some C Compiler at some address and I did. But when I download these Compilers, I can not do anything with them. They give me bunch of files and folders and when I clik on them, I do not see and prompt that tells me go ahead and type some codes. I need to download a Compiler that is ready to go. Your help is appriciated.


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    you probably downloaded a console-based compiler, meaning you have to go into the dos prompt and type a few things. i sugggest lcc-win32. a quick search on google should reveal where it is.

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    go here download it. I used Miracle C and i just got this compiler about 4 days ago and I love it.
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    Dev C++ 4 is a fantastic program.......... when you try it you love it!!!!!!!!

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    The Editor in BloodShed DevC++ is good, but the compiler sucks if you ask me. The compiler doesn't come with all the headers that say GCC and Borland 5.5 come with. I wonder if you can set DevC++ up to use Borland's compiler instead of mingw32....

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    I use LCC-WIN32 -

    - Sean
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