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    Question windows GUI revisited

    first off thank you all for all the help on my previous post. all the GL info was very interesting. i didnt however explain properly my question and i think i misguided you guys a little bit. (dont get me wrong, i am hitting the bookstore for GL books) .
    when i write a small program to convert inches to millimeters in win2000, it runs in a DOS box. i wanted to know what people use to make it pop up like a window, with an empty box to enter the inch value, and a button named "convert" that will take that value,convert it and make it apear somewhere else. is this Visual C ? or could it also be made with C commands made to design a windows interface ?
    i am just curious. i wont be doing stuff like that now, so dont go out of your way on this. just a simple explanation will be more than enough..

    Thanx !!

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    The DOS box is comes up because you are making a Console application. Changing a setting in your compiler to a Windows Application will now tell the compiler to make a windows program. Windows programs are much different then DOS and you cannot just change this option and hope your DOS program works. Their are several good tutorials if you want to learn about Windows programming or need a better explanation:

    A window can be made with any C compiler. You must use the header windows.h and you can also use a resource editor to make dialog windows (the tutorials cover this).

    Hope this answers your questions.

    - Sean
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    win GUI

    it does ! thanx ...
    its alive... its ALIVE... ITS...AL...IIIVE !!!!!!!!!

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