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    Bad printf()!

    This is the code that I'm struggling with:

    typedef struct
    	char surname[20];
    	char name[15];
    	int addLevel;
    	int subLevel;
    	int correct;
    	int wrong;
    	int correctSession;
    	int wrongSession;
    } USER;
    //I *know* I have the definitions correct. I've passed a USER struct to the function via pointer, in case that confuses anyone.
    void mathAssess(USER *userPtr)
    	float hitRate = ((userPtr->correct)/(userPtr->correct + userPtr->wrong))*100;
    	float hitRateSession = ((userPtr->correctSession)/(userPtr->correctSession + userPtr->wrongSession))*100;
    	char pc = 37; //I'm trying to print out "%". This seemed the easiest way.
    	printf("Current Statistics for user %s %s:\n\n", userPtr->name, userPtr->surname);
    	printf("Total Correct Answers:%15d\n", userPtr->correct);
    	printf("Total Incorrect Answers:%13d\n", userPtr->wrong);
    	printf("Correct Answers this Session:%8d\n", userPtr->correctSession);
    	printf("Incorrect Answers this Session:%6d\n", userPtr->wrongSession);
    	printf("Total Hit Rate:%22.2f%c\n", hitRate, pc);
    	printf("Hit Rate This Session:%15.2f%c\n", hitRateSession, pc);
    It compiles fine, but when I try to run the function, the program crashes. Can someone tell me what is wrong?

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    You still need to paste the code which calls this - I can't see anything wrong with it

    And to print a single %, do this
    printf("Hit Rate This Session:%15.2f%%\n", hitRateSession );

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    Actually, There's no bother. Looking at the code while pasting it made me realise what I was doing wrong - user.correct, user.wrong, user.correctSession and user.wrong session all equal 0.

    And we all know what happens when you divide by 0...

    No wonder I couldn't find anything wrong with the code!

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