Thread: Multi input to Output.

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    Question Multi input to Output.

    Got a simple question.

    I'm doing a program where i have to input time as minutes and seconds. From this i have to have the input come out in a table. I have figured out how to do the input and calculate the time but as for doing multiple input and having it all show up in a table i am stuck.

    i am using a do while loop but it's not helping.. I'm alittle lost and any help would be appreciated..


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    oh here is my loop sorry forgot to post on the last message..

    do {
    smin = minute * S_PER_M;
    time= smin + second;
    temptime= tapetime - time;
    tmin = time/S_PER_M;
    tsec = time%S_PER_M;
    printf(" %d %d:%d %d:%d\n",num,minute,second,tmin,tsec);
    scanf("%d", &num);
    scanf("%d", &minute);
    scanf("%d", &second);
    }while (time < tapetime);

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    Could you describe what you need to do better? such as how the table is supposed to look, and more code if possible.

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    I'm sorry i figured out what i was doing wrong.. i had one of my variables set up to be an address in my output ie i had the & in my printf statement and was unable to get the outout to come out right.. sigh, such a simple problem..... but thanks for the suggestions..

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