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    .extention file

    I am having problem in creating the automatic increament of file extention.

    My existing format is

    sprinf(MOutput1,"%s%03u.%3s",Outmask,Filenum,"D01" )
    sprinf(MOutput2,"%s%03u.%3s",Outmask,Filenum,"D02" )
    sprinf(SOutput1,"%s%03u.%3s",Outmask,Filenum,"D03" )
    sprinf(SOutput2,"%s%03u.%3s",Outmask,Filenum,"D04" )

    Here D01, D02 , D03,D04 is static but i want to make it dynamic.

    Tnx in advance


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    So use an int, and increment it.

    i = 1;
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