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    questions / advice

    With C ....or C++ is there a ( as simple as possible ) way to display a picture in dos? Do you need special runtime libraries that are compatible with C / C++ ? Also what kind of things would assembly be useful for learning?

    resources i have ( all with included libraries ):
    micrsoft visual c++
    turbo C++ 1.01

    ..and a few others i believe

    I believe you need a good compiler for the type of code you wish to write in, then you need the proper runtime libraries to assist you, correct?
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    Read the FAQ

    The FAQ for this board has somthing about this.

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    It is quite easy to display Windows Bitmaps (BMP) in DOS. I think this is outlined in the FAQ, which you should read if you haven't. Here is some code which might help (attached). You will have to use a 320x200 256 colour non-compressed BMP with this (which you can create with mspaint).
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    go here for DOS graphics tutorials.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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