Thread: FAQ - it is not a true list of FAQ

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    FAQ - it is not a true list of FAQ

    Although I've only been here a short time, I notice that there are numerous questions that pop up- arrays, user input, file i/o. The FAQ contains no answers to any of these questions that I can see. Who ever is in charge of editing the FAQ list obviously doesn't know what kind of questions people are actually frequently asking!

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    In my opinion, it's all too obvious that a lot of people don't do any research before posting their questions anyway. If a question has been asked so much it should be in the FAQ, then why are people still asking it, when the answer is found by doing a board search.

    The board itself becomes the FAQ.

    And as for your comment
    Originally posts by alpha561:
    Who ever is in charge of editing the FAQ ...
    I think that was a bit of an own goal. The person in charge of adding new items to the list is you. And all the other users of these boards. "What does he mean?", I hear you say! Well, if you read the second thread on the FAQ board, you'd have seen this:

    If you know of a thread on another board that you think is a good answer to a common question, either vote for that thread to have a high rating or PM a moderator and suggest it.
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