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    Exclamation trouble

    i wrote program that takes its inputs in three lines.

    int main(void)
    {value();/*this reads first line*/
    pos(); /*reads second line*/
    target; /*reads third line*/

    but i got a proble about this functřons.Becouse the main program completes its execution with asking me the third input line it stops execution.

    how can i stop this?

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    Do you mean you want it to keep looping until the user stops it? If so, just put your code inside a while or for loop.

    The following will cause an infinite loop, so the user has to kill the program to stop it. It's a bit nasty doing things this way, but it demonstrates the principle nicely.

    x = 1;
    while (x == 1)
    Or, do you mean the third function is not executed? You do realise that you have the brackets missing from it:
    >target; /*reads third line*/

    should be:
    >target(); /*reads third line*/
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