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    Question about strcmp

    I have a question about the strcmp command and have not been able to locate an answer on any of the on-line reference areas. (including this board)

    Everything that I've read tells me that I should be able to compare strings in nested structures, but so far, I have not been successful.

    I am trying to compare an input string to a string that is included in a structure.

    the structure is:

    typedef struct Resources {

    struct BOOK; /*reference Book structure*/
    struct AUDIO; /*reference Audio structure*/
    struct VIDEO; /*reference Video structure*/
    struct PATRON; /*reference Patron structure*/
    struct BORROWED; /*reference Borrowed structure*/
    struct HOLD; /*reference Hold structure*/


    Specifically, the compiler comes back with parse errors before RESOURCES on line 28 but not on the other lines using the same code (I don't know if correcting line 28 will cause additional errors.)typedef struct Resources

    if (strcmp(RESOURCES->BOOK->Number, num)==0)

    The rest of my code is also attached.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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    There's no reason you can't compare strings no matter how nested they are, but looking at you code 'num' isn't a string so can't be used with strcmp().

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