Thread: How to write a C code to load an image file.

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    Question How to write a C code to load an image file.

    I have been struggled in writing a C program
    to load an image file(.gif,.bmp...). This is kinda piece of cake if implement in Java for me, but not C.
    Anybody can help or any good advice?

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    - This is pretty OS specific, and you didn't mention what you are doing it on.

    - There's some stuff in the faq, but I presume you've already read that

    - Have you tried a board search?

    - You need to show some code, if you want to get it fixed.
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    Check this site for the C code of the .BMP or .GIF file format.
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    hasn't this question been asked like billions of times?
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    One of the best sites for file formats is Wotsit. They have a ton of formats.

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