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    Yes, how come I am getting a grey / white rectangular box which is the mouse cursor when I clear the screen rapidly in succession?

    Is there a way to remove it?
    I haven't done anything hackish to the screen clearing code, it just momentarily displays a block, which is the mouse cursor.

    I am using the Windows screen clearing method mentioned in the FAQ on Win98SE with GCC.

    : always wondered this...sorry :
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    Sounds very wierd, isn't there a function to hide the cursor? Perhaps you could hide the cursor in the part of your program that has to rapidly clear the screen... is that an option for you in this program?

    I know it's not really a fix, but it might be a work around
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    Ok, after some debugging, I don't think it's the rapid screen clearing. I was making some system calls and I believe that is where I was getting it from. While debugging my program ( file copying / install ) I removed all of the fily copying, so the program was stripped down to it's simple interace. The program still clears the screen rapidly for some things...and now it doesn't do it. I need to look into converting my system calls into straight C code.

    Thanks for your suggestions Azuth, but I might've pin-pointed it. If not, i'll look into mouse stuff.

    The plain interface is attached if you care to look at it.
    ( breaks the forum code: it's only an executable though as the code is too embarrising to post right now ).
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    Shadow, did you create this animation for writing text on the screen with the sleep function?
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    Yes, as a matter of fact, I posted about 13 example sources a few minutes ago in anohter thread.
    Alot of the stuff in the program you just check out is in my other attachment.

    Yes, I used Sleep, found in windows.h.
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