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    C Programming Project Help!!!

    Hi im a 18 year student from the UK I really need help with a project i have to work on for my college assignment. Im learning borland c i would say my level is basic i have to write a bus ticket program which im struggling with.

    This is what i have to do.

    The public transport company BromBus, have decided they would like to investigate the feasibility of upgrading their traditional ticket machines further and have decided to offer the tender for the contract of producing a program written in C.

    The new system is based around a VDU display and keypad for data entry. The specification from BromBus is as follows.

    The route is made up of twenty stops, each of which is allocated a unique stop number starting from 1, busses will follow the same journey in either direction.

    When run, the program must display an opening screen featuring the company name and a prompt for the boarding stop number; when a number is entered the appropriate address should print to the screen.

    The driver should then see a prompt for passengers waiting to board, if the answer is No:

    A default summary screen showing that both the number of passengers boarded and fares taken was zero.

    If passengers are waiting to board, then the screen should display:

    A prompt for destination stop number; that will be

    accompanied by the address following entry.

    Prompts for number of adults, children and OAP's

    Note that passengers are treated as groups.

    When the details are completed for a group, a ticket display should appear for 15 seconds showing details of:

    Boarding stop number and address.

    Number of adults, children and OAP's in the group.

    Default fare and total fare for each category.

    Total fare taken for the group.

    The total number of passengers in the group.

    The process described above should be repeated until no more passenger groups are left.

    Standard Passenger Fare Charges

    Standard Fare




    I have to use at least 3 functions in the code. I am really having problems understanding functions. i have tried many examples and read many web sites but most web sites arent very clear when explaining. i am using an old version of c called C++ 3.0

    Any ideas or solutions to tackling this program would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    > I am really having problems understanding functions
    This is a real gentle intro to C

    > Any ideas to tackling this program would be most appreciated.
    Sketch an outline of the program on paper first. If any part of your top-level sketch seems too tricky, expand it onto another piece of paper.

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