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    gprof in Linux


    I want to profile a multi source project via gprof. I was able to do it but there are issues here:

    The number of calls is not shown in output. Like:

    %   cumulative   self              self     total           
     time   seconds   seconds    calls  Ts/call  Ts/call  name
      0.16     18.02     0.03                             ____strtod_l_internal
    I want to profile a single code file among all sources. How to ?

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    1. Compile the source code file with the "-pg" compiler option to include profiling information in the executable. For example, if your source code file is "myfile.c", you can compile it as follows:
      gcc -pg -c myfile.c
    2. Link the profiling information with the rest of the project by specifying the "-pg" option during linking. For example:
      gcc -pg myfile.o other_source_files.o -o myprogram
    3. Run the executable to generate the profiling data:

    4. Analyze the profiling data using gprof, specifying the name of the object file (not the executable) that you want to profile. For example:
      gprof myfile.o gmon.out
      This should give you the profiling information for just the code in "myfile.c". Additionally, you may need to use the "-l" option to get gprof to display the number of calls, like this:
      gprof -1 myfile.o gmon.out
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