Thread: Errno codes vs Win32 Error codes

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    Errno codes vs Win32 Error codes

    Trying to map as many error codes that closely match as possible for general usage without the #ifdefs (beyond what is used for the mappings), currently trying to identify the equivalent of EBADE, so far I've tried just doing a search for EXCHANGE in the win32 error codes with nothing to show for it, so I thought about trying different search terms but to do that I need to clearly understand what linux views as an exchange for this code to be returned, nothing I've found on the net so far actually explains this, anyone here able to?

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    Haven't found a suitable match yet but since I'm doing custom semaphores that use more general error codes I decided to use the originals for a different purpose, anyone think there might be an issue with this?
    	/* Never gonna use these for their intended purpose anyways so might as
    	 * well use them as substitutes :) */

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    Okay, I think I found the closest equivalent of EBADE, ERROR_EXCEPTION_IN_SERVICE, after finding identifier - Linux source code (v6.2.7) - Bootlin I looked up what it's used in and noticed in the bluetooth header it's used to indicate a kind of communication error, since there are already dedicated codes to communication errors I had to find something that is similar but subtly different, this is the closest I've identified thus far, anyone think something else is more suitable?

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