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    Question EXE reverse engineering


    i have a software which connect to a serial device ,this device damaged ,i need to design another circuit all i need are the serial codes between the software and the controller
    so can any one help me with this matter
    i have a little experience with IDA software for example
    thank you

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    I have very, very little experience with reverse engineering work. Despite this, I do have to ask, do you have permission to be reverse engineering these executables? It does not seem like something you want to be doing without permission. Like I said, I don't know much about it, but just from a hunch it doesn't seem like something you'd want to do without permission.

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    Are things connected like this?
    +----------+     +----------+     +----------+
    |          |     |          |     |          |
    |   PC     |<===>|  Device  |<===>|Controller|
    |          |     | (Broken) |     |          |
    +----------+     +----------+     +----------+
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