Thread: declaring filler space in a struct

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    declaring filler space in a struct

    Is there a way to declare space in a struct as unused / filler / pad, in such as way as to not have to provide an identifier?

    For example,

    struct foo { 
       int  .  ;      // just 4 bytes, padding for later, don't need it now 
       int myval ; 
    } ;
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    You can have unnamed bit-fields.
    int main()
        struct foo {
            int : 32;
            int myval;
        } bar;
        bar.myval = 42;
        printf("%zd\n",offsetof(struct foo,myval));
        return 0;
    Though 99% of people will just say this and think no more of it.
    struct foo {
      int dummy;
      int myval;
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