Thread: modify value inside array of struct

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    modify value inside array of struct

    Greetings from a new member. I am so glad that I found this forum, which is an excellent source for learning. Can someone help me with this task:

    I have an array of structs:

    typedef struct {
        int id;
        String topic;
        float value;
    // then create array of struct and add some values
    myStruct myArray []= {
        {1, "topic1", 26},
        {2, "topic2", 27},
        {3, "topic3", 31},
    In rest of my code I have another varibales with fresh value (it changes in a certain period of time), lets say float topic1freshvalue....
    What I'm trying to do, but I don't know if it's possible, is to create a pointer inside the structure (*myStruct.value) that will point to the variable outside, let say ptr-variable, then to assign a value, IE

    so that whenever the topic1freshvalue variable changes its value, the same is reflected on the value in the structure.
    In short, I want to change the value of topic1 from 26 to new value that hold topic1freshvalue float variable.

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    To be honest, you should find a way that doesn't involve pointers.

    It's not that pointers can't be used - they can.
    But if you mess it up (and you will), trying to debug a pointer mess is hard work.

    void updateByID(int id, float value) {
      // search myArray for matching id
    void updateByTopic(String topic, float value) {
      // search myArray for matching topic
    So that when you update topic1freshvalue, you call a function.
    /// or
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    Thanks a lot Salem, actually that's the advice I was looking for, I was on the wrong track with pointers.
    The most important thing is to find the correct way to solve a problem.
    I followed your advice completely and made a function (only three lines) that refreshes the value when necessary. Now the complete code works great.

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